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All Systems Go!

Hardware and Set up Options

We have received our first batch of the Android T95Z Plus Streaming devices. These offer the best hardware specs for the price. We have them both in the US and in Mexico for people in both places that want the hardware. Here is a picture of the packaging and what is in the box. There is an outer box which looks a little worn and an inner box which contains the contents pictured below. (AAA Batteries for the remote are not included!)

We will be shipping these out fully configured with multiple TV watching applications. For those familiar with Kodi, it already comes pre-installed on the unit. Our streaming providers support Kodi but that isn't our primary set up option. We load these boxes with two different Android applications depending on whatever IPTV package you buy. Option 1 will include the Set Top Box Emulator application. See image below of what that looks like. Option 2 will include the ACE android application. See image below. I have also included a picture of how it can look in Kodi.

The cool thing about Internet TV is there are a lot of variations and applications that allow you to view live TV. It depend on personal preference and the type of streaming box that you have. For instance, I have provided examples of the Android set up. Yesterday I set up a customer with the STB Emulator and the ACE Android app on her Polaroid Smart Android TV. It has a slightly different user interface but works very similar to the Android box.

Stb Emulator Channel preview Ace Android App Channel view

GSE IPTV on Apple TV

Another few customers are using an Apple TV. With Apple TV there are a few IPTV apps in the iOS App store. Performance wise, we recommend the GSE IPTV (Pro) app. It isn't the best user experience but it works. I have included some screenshots. Speaking of Apple, I set up my large iMac with ACE via Kodi and it looks great. See below.

Kodi on iMac

The Bottom Line

In closing, I wanted to re-iterate that there are many ways you can watch internet TV through multiple types of Streaming Boxes like Android, Amazon FireStick, Roku, Apple TV, MAG 250, Computers, etc. We are here to help you get the best experience at a fair price. Even though it is not as simple as most cable and satellite systems, its pretty darn close for a fraction of the cost.

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