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Starting a Business to Solve a Problem

As an entrepreneur who has started and sold two software companies, I have decided to start a third company to provide affordable internet television to friends, family members in the US and expats in Mexico. While sitting at my favorite beach bar in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, I started talking with a local that does satellite TV. His business has slowed quite a bit and we discussed how streaming devices and IPTV has become the new thing because its cheaper and offers a lot more content.

The recurring problem that I have heard in both areas of Mexico (Progreso - near Merida and Puerto Morelos - near Cancun) we have lived in is: "as an expat, I sure miss watching US or Canadian TV." My wife and I aren't big TV watchers so it never really was a problem for us, but we have other expat friends that have mentioned this many times. I have seen several people complain in various Facebook groups about poor cable offerings in MX and because of location issues hassles with VPN's, DNS spoofing, when setting up streaming services.

I knew that I enjoyed tinkering with Roku, Apple TV, and the new Android boxes and I needed something to do to earn money and use my time productively, so why not solve a big problem by doing something that I like to do. So after playing around with different open source streaming devices like Raspberry Pi and a few different Android devices, and testing various IPTV service providers, I decided that it made since to start Nuevo Dynamics and offer a solution for expats and anyone who is fed up with traditional cable offerings.

Where did Nuevo Dynamics come from? I wanted a fairly generic name that applied to technology in general. Nuevo which is Spanish for "new," and Dynamics which means "forces or properties that stimulate growth, development, or change within a system or process." I thought that it is fitting with how quickly technology is evolving and changing.

With that said, Nuevo Dynamics is a master reseller of various IPTV service providers that provide US, Canadian, and European Live TV content as well as Videos on Demand. We also have chosen to customize, resell, and configure streaming devices.

In closing, I am happy to answer any questions anyone has on our offering and technology in general. Also any positive of negative feedback is appreciated so that we can improve our service and offerings.

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