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The best most user friendly IPTV set ups are through the Set Top Box interface based on the MAG devices. If you have an Android box with at least 2GB of RAM then you should go with the StbEmu app from the Google Play Store.  The pro version which is $5.99 is better because there are no annoying ads.  It is the most similar to a Cable/Satellite paid service experience. 


The next best set up for Android devices under 2GB of RAM which will include the MXQ Pro boxes is through the Perfect Player app from Google Play Store.  This set up has a nice Channel Guide and easy to use interface.

For Smart TV's, the best options are:

Smart IPTV for LG's and Samsungs, and SmartStb for other TV brands.


Gold Package:


Stb Emulator

Rocket Setup Guides:


Apple TV

Amazon Firestick

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